Arriving when it’s matured…

Here's to brandy, rich and indulgent, swirling around the snifter so invitingly. Beyond that, here's to apple brandy, a sweeter, autumnal counterpart to brandy's traditional flavor.

Apple brandy is the stronger, bolder, older brother of eau de vie, and though their source materials are similar, the final product is quite different. Eau de vie is light and floral, best served before dinner to ready the palate. Brandy is the red apple to eau de vie's green -- distinctive and resonant, assertive and full-flavored, an after-dinner beverage through and through. State Line's apple brandy will be the result of different techniques and processes than those used to produce eau de vie: expanded cuts and specific variety of apples will allow for more depth in flavor to appear over time.

Apple brandy requires years to age into perfection, so for the time being we'll have to content ourselves with State Line's other delicious spirits -- hard to complain. In the future, though, we look forward to apple brandy being a distillery highlight, warming the bellies and delighting the senses of discerning drinkers far and wide.

So here's to waits that are worth it. Here's to apple brandy, and to State Line Distillery.

Proudly Wisconsin.