Here's to gin, the lord of clear liquors! From bathtubs and back alleys to the stemware of high society, from Holland to India, from Old Tom to London dry to all the gin joints in all the world, this particular liquor has been everywhere.

State Line's gin, however, is confidently produced in the new American style, eschewing old school practices in favor of New World techniques. Grounded in golden Midwestern grains, namely wheat and barley, our gin is exceptionally smooth, well-rounded and versatile. Perfect for fizzes and Rickeys, for Slings or French 75s. At home in Last Words, Negronis or gimlets, and bosom buddies with tonic, as the booze gods intended.

However, State Line Gin truly distinguishes itself alone in a bone-dry Martini. That's when the secret weapon of State Line Gin is unsheathed: sage, our botanical of choice. Like all the best gin, State Line's features juniper (without which gin simply wouldn't be gin), as well as coriander, lemon and orris root, but our gin is sage-forward, making it bright and refreshing with the faintest hint of spice and a lovely floral nose that calls violets to mind.

State Line's commitment to this particular, sage-led blend of botanicals will make itself evident no matter how or where you take our gin, whether out by the pool with tonic and lime or at the classiest of cocktail parties with an onion or olive. So here's to the liquor that's always in season, that mingles with ease but can go it alone.

To gin, and to State Line. Proudly Wisconsin.