Here's to vodka, the mix master's muse! One of the few things in life that's fancier when it is dirty. Nothing in the booziverse is more cocktail-friendly than vodka.

State Line's vodka is more versatile than most because it's grain vodka, comparable to the classics of Poland and Ukraine where vodka was born and where it's still king. State Line's vodka blends so beautifully because it’s crafted from Midwest wheat and barley. No additives or tricks, just perfect Midwest grains. Barley for an impossibly subtle sweetness on the nose and palate, wheat for character: smooth, round and clean. Flavorful enough for a dry Martini, pliant enough to mix into any fruit-juicy patio confection.

So here's to spritzes and splashes and rocks. To colorful twists. To Cosmos and lemondrops, greyhounds and mules. To Bloodies! To gimlets! To tonic and lime. To tumblers and highballs and coupes. To vodka, and to State Line Distillery.

Proudly Wisconsin