Arriving when it’s matured…

Here's to whiskey, the winner and still champion. The first love. The last request. Though it makes for great cocktails, fine whiskey stands alone like no other liquor. Neat as a pin, on a big rock or with a drop of water, whiskey gives it to you straight. Auspicious enough for a toast at your daughter's wedding, personal and approachable enough for a quiet, fireside sip.

State Line's whiskey is forthcoming, of course, as it must age. A properly mature and refined whiskey of sophisticated character is the product of impeccable choices. The right yeast, wheat, barley and rye. The perfectly charred barrel. Most importantly is the interplay of these elements. Thoughtful and inventive craftsmanship defines the State Line approach, and our whiskey will be its highest expression.

Just as critical in the creation of a fine whiskey is the aging process, to which State Line will pay strictest attention. State Line's barrels are American white oak sourced from a cooperage in Minnesota's north woods, where cold winter temperatures slow growth, resulting in tighter grains. The result is higher intensity and richness of flavors like vanilla, coconut, and butterscotch. Make no mistake, the barrel is part of the recipe. From grain to glass, the process is paramount and each step is vital. All our spirits are worth it, but whiskey especially so.

So here's to the oak trees, to barley, wheat and rye. To the dark, quiet room where this liquor will age. Here's to the warmth and the scents and the spices, the roundness of flavor, the sweet sting of glory. Here's to whiskey, forever and ever, and here's to State Line.